DataSize Explorer : Privacy Policy

The DataSize Explorer App feature ads which might use the approximate region your device is located in (like your country or province). This is only done in order to display ads relevant to you.

Nexrad Software never requires or uses permissions that can be used to specifically identify you or your exact location. Nexrad Software has no interest in collecting, storing and/or selling any users personal information. Nexrad Software will not collect any personal information through the DataSize Explorer App.

For debugging purposes, you could send explicitly from the DataSize Explorer App (by email) only technical information about your device and system (like information about the system, display, storage, etc). In such case, you expressly agree that Nexrad Software may collect and use your technical information sent in order to, but without any warranties, attempt to fix your issue and improve the DataSize Explorer App quality.

Please also note that you may be subject to the terms of use of the application store that you used to download the DataSize Explorer App.