SupAnimalZ Dash launched on Google Play !


Discover our new game SupAnimalZ Dash ! It’s finally available for everyone on Google Play.

This indie action game offers simple gameplay mechanics that will keep you entertained for hours!

Try out the latest version on Google Play now :

New game available in Open Beta: SupAnimalZ Dash !


We proudly announce our first game SupAnimalZ Dash !
Run, jump, switch side, change size and collect coins in a thrilling ride through colorful levels.
There’s sprawling stages to conquer, prepare for an near impossible challenge!
This action game offers simple gameplay mechanics that will keep you entertained for hours!

It’s now available in open beta on Google Play, give it a try here:

DataSize Explorer Pro version is now live !

LogoFlattenWebProThe Pro version of DataSize Explorer is finally available and contains the last improvements of the Free version without any Ads! If you want to support the dev please consider getting it on Google Play here:

DataSize Explorer reached 50000+ downloads on Google Play!

LogoFlattenWebDataSize Explorer reached officially the gate of 10000+ downloads on Google Play! That’s a very good news
and an impressive achievement especially just one week after the public release. Thank you everyone!

In case you didn’t try this App yet, you could check the Google Play page here:

DataSize Explorer on xda developers website front page!

LogoFlattenWebDataSize Explorer has the privilege to get a short article on the front page of xda developers website thanks to the journalist Tomek Kondrat!
Check it now on


New Android App released: DataSize Explorer!

LogoFlattenWebNexrad Software is proud to announce the release of its new Android application DataSize Explorer, a handy and innovative storage manager! Thanks to a simple and dynamic user interface this tool lets you quickly find and manage the biggest files and apps of your storage.
This is a must have Android app! Click below and get it today on Google Play!